MoxxieMade is a series of NYC events that encourages women to go after their definition of fulfillment by providing holistic mentorship and fostering real connections.

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we’re on
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MoxxieMade exists to build community, provide mentorship, and invigorate courageousness for women of New York City.

We all want to live rich and full lives, but you don’t get a clear roadmap on how to fulfill that desire. Taking that step into the unknown and towards your ambition can feel uncomfortable and even scary. However, when you courageously walk through the fear, you’ll experience a wider sense of self and fulfillment.

A supportive community and real actionable mentorship can help provide encouragement to move towards your potential. However, in New York City, making real connections and gaining actionable advice can be hard to come by. In fact, 66% of NY women moved to the city without a close community, and 21% of women admit that they still don’t have a close network today. Additionally, 88% of New York millennial women would like a mentor, and less than half of them feel like they have one.

We want to change this. Our events are intentionally designed to go beyond networking, to drive actual connections. We know that a fulfilling life is much bigger than just career success, that’s why our content blends professional, personal, and spiritual advice to provide actionable wisdom to live a more meaningful life.

Through our community, you will build real meaningful relationships and gain mentorship and that will stir up courageousness to go after whatever your definition of fulfillment is.



how are we different.


Events that drive real connection

Networking sucks, so we have intentionally designed our events to drive real connection.

IRL events are blowing up, and we are all for it. But, huge conferences with attendance in the 1000s+ can feel overwhelming and fleeting. Panel talks are inspiring, but you have little to no facetime with the women that you admire. You can’t receive lasting mentorship from just listening to a panel talk, but by engaging in discussion. We believe real impact is made through connection because that’s where the soul shifts happen and lasting inspiration is received.

Holistic Approach to Mentorship - Personal, Spiritual, and Professional Development

New York is all about the hustle, but a thriving career is just one component of a fulfilled life. We take a holistic approach to our content - blending personal, spiritual, and professional development. When the personal and spiritual are flourishing, outward success is in lock-step.

Basically, if “How I Built This” had a baby with “Oprah’s Super Soul Session” that hosted in IRL touchpoints, you’d get MoxxieMade. Think of us as an investment in your well-being and your own community of up-leveling badass women.

We hand select your admired girl-crush bosses to offer holistic actionable advice (a la life coaches) through blended content we cultivate and subjects that we tackle. We get down to the rooted, raw, and real topics that matter in order to leave you with a feeling of courageousness.

Experiences that won’t cost half your rent

It sometimes seems like it costs to breathe in New York. We get it, so we want to provide a range of opportunities to foster meaningful relationships and provide you real mentorship. At our events, we deliver an amazing experience and added perks like discounts to your local favorite places, samples products from your favorite brands, unlimited drinks and more. We created MoxxieMade on the truth that all women have worth and we cultivated our events to ensure approachability. Rest assured, when you’re at our table, you can always sit with us!