MoxxieMade is a series of New York City intimate events that brings together a community of women that support one another to courageously go after their definition of fulfillment.

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we’re on
a mission.


Taking that step of faith towards your dreams and goals, no matter how big or small, can be intimidating, scary, even frightening, but we believe that everybody has the courage inside themselves to move forward with their aspirations. When you bravely face and walk through the fear be ready to experience a wider sense of self and fulfillment.

MoxxieMade was created in New York City, the city of dreams! As fellow New Yorkers, we know and have felt the unspoken pressure to feel fulfillment by “figuring it out and making it on your own”. After all, in the concrete jungle, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. But, the truth is - we thrive together. When you have fellow leading ladies at your side to help guide, support, and encourage you to be the best version of yourself then you can conquer anything you set your mind to.



At MoxxieMade, we’re building a community of driven, brave, and vulnerable women that share experiences and build meaningful relationships to help you realize your potential and call on your courage.

Bonds form and the magic starts to take shape when we let down our walls, impart our wisdom, and whole-heartedly support each other.

When you’re a part of the MoxxieMade community be ready to feel all the feels because we’ll encourage you, inspire you, advance you, and help you cultivate true, lasting relationships.


the need.


At MoxxieMade, we understand, first hand, how multifaceted women are today. Our goals and ambitions are bigger than ever, but these courageous aspirations need more accessibility to action-based wisdom gained from a supportive community that will encourage them towards their ambitions, the freedom to speak vulnerably, and create genuine connections.

86% of millennial women moved to New York City with a certain ambition, goal or dream in mind.

We see an opportunity to pull those pieces together - holistically discussing the topics and issues that reflect what us as multifaceted millennial women care about most.

As transplants ourselves, we’ve felt how difficult it is to build genuine connections, especially in a city, like New York, that’s been deemed “the loneliest”. We’re not alone in our thinking – 77% of millennial women in New York feel that at times the city can be more lonely than other cities. We hear you, ladies! That’s why we’re looking to bridge the lack of opportunity for women to build genuine connections.

66% moved to New York with no close, established community in the city.

Far too often, especially in times of transition and doubt, we have wished we would could lean on actionable wisdom from accomplished women in this city who have "done it" and take solace in like-minded peers that we are "all in it together."

88% of new york millennial women don’t have mentor, but would like one.

Having a IRL community to lean on, during the ups and downs of life, is key to personal growth yet 21% of New York millennial women still don’t have a supportive community in the city.

We grow and learn from each other when we’re given the safe space to speak genuinely and freely. The dialogues and panels that currently exist, although leave us feeling so inspired, miss the mark on helping women connect and support one another after the event concludes. They tend to only touch on one aspect of who we are without realizing that most challenges we face, in our aspirations and relationships, stem from internal resistance and offer  no tools to keep that inspirational feeling alive long term.

82% of millennial women have participated in a networking event but 79% didn’t form a lasting relationship from it.

We go past the digital touchpoint with our MoxxieMade events. Creating a community with an encouraging and inclusive mindset alleviates judgment and unspoken competition and pressure that we feel in our daily lives.

79% feel competitive with women in high pressure areas of their life, especially in their career, finances, and body image.

At MoxxieMade, we let our hair down and have our arms open. We approach our events with an abundance mindset. SO, be ready to feel a little lighter knowing you have a boss tribe of MoxxieMade community behind you every step of your way.



A note from our founders


Dear MoxxieMade Community,

We firmly believe that fearlessness doesn’t exist. The feelings of fear, worry, and doubt are experiences that we all share, and there will always be that underlying voice of fear whether it sounds like a shout or a whisper. Courage is acting in spite of the fear and leaning into your wise power within to take that next step!

We are a collective community of strong, brave inspirational women that encourage and motivate each other to “put your brave on” and go after your wildest dreams, and desires. Through our community, women are invigorated to go towards their definition of fulfillment and be the women they have always dreamed of being.

Through our events, we hope to create an intimate, safe, sacred space where women can come as they are to connect, encourage one another, and leave feeling courageously supported. We are ready to make waves in this city and take new ground.

Megan & Lindsey