Alana Branston
Co-Founder and CEO of Bulletin

Alana, co-founder and COO of Bulletin, alongside her partner, Ali, is truly building a platform that has given female entrepreneurs and makers the opportunity to reach like-minded women. Engaging them and us with a unique, social conscience shopping experience.

Alana Branston is Co-Founder and CEO of Bulletin, the "WeWork for physical retail." Bulletin builds beautiful stores for internet brands who are eager to access brick-and-mortar on more turn-key, flexible terms. Before launching Bulletin in October of 2015, Alana worked at a content marketing startup, Contently, and the luxury denim line 3x1. Alana has dedicated her career to helping brands better bridge the gap between online and offline engagement, and with Bulletin, is focused on defining the future of retail.


What are your top 3 inspiration tools?

I love the podcast "How I Built This" on NPR, Elon Musk's biography and the book From Good to Great by James C Collins.

In entrepreneurship, you wear many different hats and roles, especially as you are starting up. As a boss, there's this understated pressure to have the answers. How do you lean into the unknowing and accept that you don't have all the answers?

I think building a community is really important. I always had this feeling that I needed to work a little harder or be a little better, especially to get the same opportunities as male founders. Supporting and leaning on other female founders has proven to be the best way to handle pressure along with crowdsourcing answers you may not inherently have.

Who is your biggest mentor?

The incubator we joined in 2016, Y Combinator (“YC”), has been Bulletin's biggest mentor. YC has given us direction and encouraged us to pivot throughout the years, and move toward a more sustainable, profitable business mode. They've given such great advice, and most importantly, they've really hammered home the value of talking to your customers and asking them what they want, rather than coming up with a business or product you think might work.