Amani Richardson
Sad Girls Club

Amani is courageously living out the true definition of vulnerability. She is constantly growing and working towards being her best self. Self-love, healing and boldly pursuing your wildest dreams is what she embodies.

Amani finds passion in sharing stories that connect all women. Amani has become a Lifestyle Blogger and Editor-In-Chief of the Sad Girls Club. In her senior year of high school, after overcoming a near death experience from heartbreak, she knew she had to illuminate the world with her story.

She admits that she never knew how to ask for help without feeling it was a sign of weakness. So instead, she turned to her journal, which led to the founding of her website at just the age of 16 years old. It didn’t take long for those around her to notice her transparency and vulnerability expressed on her platform as she began to receive messages of encouragement from women she’d never met.

If anything at all, she wants you to remember: "All that you are and all that you aspire to be is already within."


What do you think makes up a courageous person?

A courageous person is anyone who chooses to tell their story. No matter what it may be, every story will inspire someone, if not everyone. A courageous person is anyone who finds their passion, holds onto their vision and even if they do give up on it, they find their way back to what set their heart on fire.

What’s been the biggest issue or challenge that really tested you? How did you pull through it bravely?

The biggest challenge has always been being completely honest with myself, which will go along with being completely vulnerable on my platform. Honesty has been a challenge for me; most of the time I know that the right answers are here within me, but I am afraid that the truth will require so much more work and effort. It is so much easier to deflect what is real and only to live half of the truth. I’ve pulled through my honesty by journaling, writing every little thought I had in mind, and then I’d question every single one. I also pulled through by tapping into my creativity with my Blog ( and just let my heart flow.

We are also honoring Elyse Fox of Sad Girls Club as a #MadeofMoxxie Award recipient, and we know you are a contributor. How did you get involved?

I am Editor-In-Chief of the Sad Girls Club. I had the opportunity to meet Elyse, in person, at a speaking event she held at Yale University. After the event, I gave a testimonial and highlighted her amazing, and much needed work in the world of Mental Health. We chatted about life, and I mentioned my passion for journalism and social media editing. Just like that she offered that I help out with getting the Sad Girls Club blog up and running again. Reading each Sad Girls Story every day is really the best thing in the world. We’re really all in this together and Elyse was just who I needed to come across to truly believe that I’m not alone.