Anna Louise Andersen
Photographer & Founder of @women_by_woman
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

From heartfelt documentaries to high-profile fashion shoots and engaging commercial work, there is no story that Anna will leave untold.

Two years ago, Anna Andersen moved to New York and is building an all-female production house to promote women in  the business. She is enamored with movement and one of the few female cinematographers in the field today that uses the lens to tell a wide array of narratives. 


What inspired you to create @women_by_woman photo series?

After the election, I was super sad, in a rut, and needed to find a creative outlet. I've always expressed my rage, love, creativity, and all other emotions through art, so this idea came to me... to humanize women in front of and behind the camera. This was in response to the blatant disrespect of women in our society and it was so important to me to empower other women through my craft.

What do you think drives competition between women? And what can we do to stop it?

I think our preconceived notions of how women should behave with each other - stemming  from what we we’ve been taught since we were very young - really holds us back from supporting each other. We can only put an end to it by being conscious of what we have been "programmed' to do and slowly, but efficiently, dismantling these constructs by building supportive, available female communities.

Vulnerability is key to deepening relationships. How do you foster that within your relationships and community?

I have never been very good at expressing myself on a deeply emotional level or allowing myself to be that vulnerable because I have dealt with a lot of trauma in the past. This is something I am constantly working on, both in my personal and professional relationships. Two great ways to start being more vulnerable can be as simple as being aware of who you are sharing with and remaining open-minded to different people.