Christy & Shelcy Joseph
Founders of @nycxclothes
NYCxClothes Sisters
Canarsie, Brooklyn

This community-minded sister-duo is all about sharing authentic, genuine content and subsequently building a community of like-minded women.They leave you with the feeling of "you're not alone", which is much needed in today’s climate as we look to empower each other.

Christy Joseph multitasks as a full-time business student, part-time operations assistant and creative hustler. She's the co-founder of NYCxClothes - a fashion and lifestyle storytelling platform with the goal of empowering women to live their best life.


What was your inspiration behind creating NYCxClothes?

NYCxClothes Sisters: We wanted to share our unique story:two girls who had recently moved to New York City from Haiti, a completely different country.. We both had an eye for visual art and we loved the way fashion allowed us to express ourselves, so we combined our these two passions to help us ultimately tell our adventures. It became not so much about blogging, but really about starting conversations with people online.

How have you used NYCxClothes as a platform for good?

NYCxClothes Sisters : We've used it to build community through storytelling and offline events. Through each piece of content we put out there, we share a little bit about ourselves and our lives—from the way we think to the projects we work on. It's a space of realness and this has organically led to the growing community of creative, female go-getters that it is today.

From this, we launched an event series, NYCxClothes & Friends, where we connect people through unconventional gatherings, aimed at fostering authentic connections and collaborations.

What's your biggest advice for budding and/or aspiring entrepreneurs?

Christy: Be open to receiving help. Absorb as much information as you can from everyone. You never know who you'll learn from. Part of being an entrepreneur involves admitting what you don't know and letting other people show you the ropes.

Shelcy: Focus on the work instead of the results, especially at the beginning. It takes time to build something long-lasting. Trust the timing. It won't be easy. At times, you'll ask yourself if there's a point to what you're doing, or if it's ever going to happen. Just keep at it. Be strategic. Hustle. That will speak for itself.