Elyse Fox
Filmmaker, Mental Health Activist, and Founder of @Sadgirlsclub
Bushwick, Brooklyn

Elyse is taking brave steps to fighting the stigma of mental health issues through founding the Sad Girls Club - an online support community for women dealing with mental health issues. There is strength in numbers because the community has amassed over 1,000 women through art therapy, meditation, and real-life hang outs.

Elyse Fox is a filmmaker, mental health activist and tastemaker based in New York City. Elyse has collaborated with Harvard University, Instagram, Nike, and Vogue Magazine to name a few. This community is so important because if you have suffered from mental health issues, you know this time can feel extremely  isolating and lonely.


What inspired you to create Sad Girls Club?

I saw a void within the mental health world and wanted to create a remedy that could help everyone learn about mental illnesses and the stigma.

What would you tell someone who is in the thick of depression, anxiety, or another mental illness?

Take your time to understand how your mental illness affects you. Find someone you trust to talk to that won’t judge you. Understand that we’re all on our own journey in life.

If you could talk to your 23 year old self, what would you say?

Don’t take the easy way out.