Emily Curl
Video Producer and Entertainment Host at Refinery29
Upper East Side

At her core, Emily is a community invigorator because she believes individuality is a key aspect to building a community. It’s the power of persistence, confidence and kindness that allows for authentic relationship building - all ingredients that she mixes into her professional and personal life.

Originally from Atlanta, Emily Curl is a video producer, entertainment host and red carpet correspondent for Refinery29. She's a lover of all things pop culture, an avid vintage shopper, and a beauty guru.


How do you remain positive, and do you have any positivity practices?

Every morning, I write down three things I'm thankful for, 3 prayer requests I have for myself that day, and 3 prayer requests for others. It keeps me present and focused on the little things.

Who's in your community, and how do they keep you positive, energized, encouraged, and grounded?

I have 9 of the best friends in the whole world (we've been together for 8 years now!). My family constantly supports me (seriously, they share every video I'm in), and my co-workers at Refinery are absolutely incredible.

Vulnerability is key to deepening relationships. How do you foster that within your relationships and community?

I am not afraid of any emotion, and I feel them all very deeply. I know if I feel them, someone else does too. So, I think when you drive out that fear of someone seeing you a certain way, you're free to really express your heart to others. Authenticity really keeps me grounded.