Hawa Arsala
Freelance Creative Director and Founder of Browntourage
Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Hawa’s unapologetic refined style and how she expresses her individualist self is inspiring to the New York community. Her confidence in herself as a woman of color, as an entrepreneur, and simply as an individual is refreshing because she knows her worth.

Hawa Arsala is a freelance creative director and strategist with over 7 years experience building content platforms, producing visually striking campaigns and story driven content. In 2011, she co-founded Browntourage along with Tonia Beglari, an agency spanning curatorial projects, experiments in interactive media, and platform for media and design moments that are forward thinking and socially conscious. Her work for select clients like Nike, Everlane, The Brooklyn Museum, Condé Nast, and consultancy through Browntourage has led Hawa to her current work with Viacom on their Creative and Cultural Insights team. She plans to launch a few personal projects this year.


How would you like to inspire other women around the world with your work?

If there is something along my path that sticks out to them, that speaks to them, or encourages them, that is all the inspiration I can hope for.

What do you think are the major issues when it comes to equality for women?

Operating on a united front that is inclusive and intersectional is often times a difficulty when it comes to equality. I also think equality itself can be an issue because how do we define what's equal within a system that has been defined by men, and predominantly white men at that?

How do you define a strong and courageous woman?

I think a strong and courageous woman defines those attributes for herself and finds confidence in her own interpretation of self.