Jenny Jin
Senior Beauty Editor at PureWow
West Village

Jenny is refreshingly real, especially when this isn’t the norm in the beauty space. It takes courage to allow yourself to fully be seen.

Jenny Jin is a New Orleans native living in New York. After a brief career in nonprofit and finance, Jenny decided that writing about beauty would be way more fun. She came to her current role, Senior Beauty Editor of PureWow, after serving as the Associate Beauty Editor of Real Simple. In her spare time, she likes to read memoirs, dance, and travel.


What's your definition of beauty?

It's more of a feeling or an aura than anything physical. The best way I can describe it is through my boyfriend's mother, who is a breast cancer survivor. She had a mastectomy on her left side and chose not to have reconstruction. She doesn't wear padding either. You can tell that she respects and appreciates her body for everything it's done for her over the years. To me, that type of self-love and compassion is the epitome of beauty.

When did you start to feel confident with who you are?

To be completely honest, it's something that I'm constantly working on. One thing that's really helped is exercise. When I'm in movement physically, I feel like I'm moving forward in other aspects of my life as well—even if it's just for the 45 minutes I'm on a spin bike.  

Having the courage to be vulnerable in relationships is hugely important, but hard to do. How do you push your fears and hesitations to be open and vulnerable?

I've never really had trouble opening up in my close relationships. In fact, I'm such an open book that I sometimes wish I could dial it back a notch. However, I find that it's much harder to be open in "public" and by that I mean on social media. I'm not saying that I want to spill every thought and emotion to everyone, but I do want to find ways to be more honest about the things that in my life that are difficult, that have taught me something, and that might possibly help someone feel less alone in whatever it is they're going through at the moment.