Lisa Wang
Founder, CEO @SheWorx
Upper East Side

Lisa is the cheerleader and support system you want in your corner. As a former 4x National Champion and Hall of Fame gymnast turned serial entrepreneur, she made it her mission to empower women through SheWorx - the leading global platform empowering 20,000+ women to build and scale successful companies through access to top mentors and investors.

Lisa Wang is the Founder & CEO of SheWorx and a big focus of hers is on closing the funding gap through collaboration versus competition. Lisa is a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2018 in Venture Capital and CIO Magazine's Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017 and 2018. She writes for Forbes and Fortune, focusing on driving gender parity in entrepreneurship.


How have you pushed back the stereotypes of who a woman leader should be, look like and act like?

As a leader, I choose to lead from a place of empathy, empowerment, collaboration, and care. The historical stereotype of leader is one that is overconfident, aggressive, hyper logical and male. While there are valuable things we can learn from traditional masculine leadership styles, I don't feel pressure to conform to a style or standard that doesn't suit me or my team. I realized that so long as I stay true to my values as a leader - that is what will allow me to create a space for others to thrive.

What's one of the biggest lesson that @SheWorx taught you?

As a gymnast, I grew up in an environment of zero sum mentalities. ‘I win, you lose.’ Only one gold medal. In contrast, SheWorx thrives on collaboration, not competition. Building SheWorx has reinforced to me the power of community, especially when women come together to push each other outside of their comfort zones. I've learned that anything is possible when you come from a mindset of abundance, rather than scarcity.

What was your inspiration behind creating SheWorx?

In the world of venture capital, female entrepreneurs face a 96% male dominated investor landscape. During fundraising for my first startup, I experienced first hand the real-world challenges of raising money as a woman. Facing both explicit and unconscious bias, I realized it’s often not about the big, egregious stories we hear on the news; it’s about the small paper cuts that women experience every single day. SheWorx arose from my own need to surround myself with ambitious women as well as a profound need to empower women to get access to the right sources of capital. We help women draw upon their existing strengths and develop skills to build and scale successful companies. I believe that for every successful woman, there is a group of other successful women who have her back.