the awards.

The inaugural #MadeofMoxxie Awards are out! 


the women.

We’re excited to announce MoxxieMade’s curated and unique list of 30 New York City women that live courageously and inspire our community.

These women live with authenticity, courageously push towards their fulfillment, and encourage other women to do the same. They are rooted, raw, and real. And this city is better place with them in it.

We feel honored to recognize these women who are truly #MadeofMoxxie as we celebrate their uniqueness in how they exemplify our main mission of building community and invigorating courageousness for the women in this concrete jungle.  

We handed-picked each woman, admiring how they foster relationships and connections within their communities, and how they tap into courage through vulnerability and authenticity. It’s these women who help us and others feel comfortable and encouraged to be authentically ourselves, and push past our fears and towards our dreams.

Each of these 30 women, uniquely represent these values and we’re honored to crown them as our first recipients of the #MadeofMoxxie Awards.

At MoxxieMade, a company built for women and by women, we’re bringing together a community of courageous New York Women and we’re excited to introduce you to each of these badass women that make New York City a better, more welcoming place to live.