Meika Hollender
Co-founder Sustain Author of #GetOnTop
West Village

Meika has a fierce passion for females owning their sexuality and being confident in who they are. Education is the first step to helping women feel more confident, comfortable and empowered to take control of their sexual health, and Meika is doing just that.

Meika Hollender is the Co-Founder and CEO at Sustain Natural, the leading brand of all natural, vagina-friendly products. She is also the creator of GetOnTop, a national campaign aimed at getting women to take control of their sexual health. Through Sustain's 10%4Women initiative, she is proud to work closely with Planned Parenthood and Women's Voices for the Earth. Meika has been listed on Forbes 30 under 30, Fast Company's Most Creative People and Inc. 30 under 30, and her second book Get On Top was just released in March 2018.


What’s been the biggest issue or challenge that really tested you? How did you pull through it bravely?

Transitioning into becoming Sustain's CEO. I was taking this role over from my dad, Jeffrey Hollender, who has so much success and wisdom under his belt. For a long time, I felt and still do feel a lot of insecurity about being in this role. I'm not sure if it was bravery that pulled me through, but it was ongoing thinking, talking, and understanding that helped me know this business inside and out. In terms of leading this business and dealing with any challenges we face, I can handle it.

Sexuality, vaginas, and periods can make people uncomfortable, but it is so important to educate and talk about the subject. How did you get comfortable leading awareness about these topics?

Listen, without controversy, nothing changes. I am a woman, experiencing everything listed here, so to me there is nothing uncomfortable about discussing these topics, and there never was.

What was more difficult writing a book or starting your own company? Why?

Definitely starting Sustain! The book was a beautiful and natural extension of everything I'd learned and all the work I'd done with Sustain, so it was less in a way building something from scratch.