Priya Malani
Founding partner @StashWealth Millennial Money Expert

Priya is using her wisdom to mentor and provide actionable advice to millennials for financial success. She gives them full control of their financial future through actionable knowledge and tools, that no one else has been able to provide.

Priya Malani is an entrepreneur and founder of Stash Wealth, a financial planning and investment management firm for H.E.N.R.Y.s™ [High Earners, Not Rich Yet]. Disillusioned with Wall Street, Malani left Merrill Lynch to address what she recognized as a huge gap in the industry—financial services for young people who are largely ignored by traditional firms. Since its inception, Stash Wealth has disrupted the financial planning industry by providing highly personalized advice and guidance to 20- and 30-somethings who make good money and want something to show for it. In addition to running Stash Wealth, Malani serves as the resident financial expert for Refinery29, as well as a featured expert on numerous platforms including Shape Magazine, Bustle, Purewow, Girlboss, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The Coveteur.


What was the inspiration behind Stash Wealth?

There are many sources of inspiration behind the brand. But the main inspiration was to bring the level of handholding that's available to really really rich people to H.E.N.R.Y.s™ [High Earners, Not Rich Yet] because we believe that the sooner you get access to solid financial advice, the more successful you'll be. Just because you're not in the million dollar club, doesn't mean you can't get your financial sh*t together. You deserve to be taken seriously.

How do you stay focused and centered when things don't always go as planned?

Growing up in an immigrant household as a first generation American, I was taught that life is not fair and doesn't go as planned - and to always plan for the worst but hope for the best. Sounds harsh but that mindset has proved to be a terrific coping mechanism for the various curve balls entrepreneurship throws.

What's an example of when you pushed past fears and embraced the unknown or a challenge you didn't think you could face?

Starting this business was a series of pushing through fears and embracing the unknown. To date, no one else is providing clients with an experience like Stash. We had no business model to follow because we were creating something that had never been done before. I questioned myself and the idea, but in the end, I realized that just getting started was the most important step to overcoming fear and finding success. Our business has pivoted a lot in the past 6 years, but if I hadn't pushed through, we wouldn't have landed where we are today - solving a huge hole in the industry.