Strengthen Your Core Recap


Strengthen Your Core
July 24, 2018

In fitness, it is well known that a strong body is connected to building a strong core. It’s the key to unlocking better balance and better stability. Our July Supper Series focused on just that – focusing on your core - but in this case, your core values to help strengthen and find your life purpose.

Our panel of wellness focused speakers – Sophia Roe, chef and wellness architect; Sarah Levey, founder of Y7; Cyndi Ramirez, founder of Chillhouse; Liana Rosenman, co-founder of Project Heal; Minna Lee of Living Minnaly and founder of Live24K, and Melanie Travis, founder of Andie Swim – shared their journeys of finding their purpose and how it has impacted their current lives, their careers, and their fulfillment.

Do a little soul searching

Purpose-driven living is so deeply personal and our journeys are so unique. Finding your purpose can require a lot of soul searching, which isn’t the easiest process. Sarah Levey shed light on how she did some soul searching before she found her calling. She made the switch from a career in fashion realizing that the ‘thing’ that centered her was yoga, but couldn’t find a studio that offered her the elements she needed. Her seed of an idea sparked a fire in her heart. Sarah battled the doubt demons but eventually overcame them when she made the decision to quit her job in fashion and officially start Y7. Her journey wasn’t easy, but she confirms that despite the hardships it was a crucial decision.

Give meaning to our struggles

Meaning and purpose are undoubtedly linked. We all have our battles but something that empowers us in our own is when we use our learnings to help encourage someone in a similar struggle. Liana Rosenman is the perfect example as she shared with us how her struggles with anorexia nervosa led her to finding her purpose; founding Project Heal to help others with similar disorders. Liana has been living her purpose as Project Heal has created 40 chapters throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia and has helped over 100 individuals through treatment, which can cost over $200K.

Minna Lee also had a similar experience and journey as she reflected on her path of purpose. As a former competitive figure-skater, an active lifestyle was a part of who she was so when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease affecting thyroid and hormonal balance, at the age of 24 it put her in a tailspin. That and combined with her hip surgery, finding her purpose became a soul searching journey because how she placed value in herself would have to radically change. She became determined to use her experience to help others and has since created a strong community of wellness enthusiasts as well as creating Live24k - a golden “mylk”–centric supplement line.

Social media has tainted the way we view the world because it has become a highlight reel of all our best moments and none of the rooted, raw, and real moments that life throws at us. Sophia Roe shared with us how, from the outside her life might look perfect, but she doesn’t live an effortless existence. In fact, it was her passion for food and bonding over it that was rooted deep within her. Her childhood struggles directly shaped who she has become today, and her journey to self-love has been long process of acceptance, bravery, and pride. It wasn’t until she moved to New York did she feel safe to be herself and fully accept the core of she was, essentially translating into her purpose of empowering others to do the same. 

Follow your curiosity

Oftentimes, people tell you to follow your passion and if you’re following your passion, then you must be living your purpose. But,  following your passion can feel like an overwhelming tall order if you aren't sure what your passion is.  Instead, Elizabeth Gilbert, in Big Magic, encourages us to follow our curiosities with trust that the universe is leading us somewhere meaningful. Cyndi Ramirez did just that – followed her curiosity that led to finding her core purpose. However, she believes she’s still on the journey, and that everyone’s purpose is always evolving. Her curiosity led her on a path to founding Chillhouse as well as being a partner of NY based restaurants. Her path hasn’t been a straight line but leaning into the uncertainty has opened up new doors of opportunity.

Melanie Travis had a similar experience. She was working at some of the most successful startups prior to founding Andie Swim. She admitted that trying on swimsuits can be so vulnerable and a dreaded experience. It was the curiosity of how to make the experience better that led to Andie Swim. She had no experience in fashion, but that didn’t stop her from following her curiosity.

Her philosophy is: if you fail, then you can always go back to doing what you were doing before. It’s a tragedy to not follow your curiosities – what the core of you is yearning for because you could be missing out on something so beautiful.

Our July MoxxieMade Supper Series made us realize that we all have the potential to find our purpose by having the courage to - soul search, find meaning in our biggest struggles, and follow our curiosity.

So, go ahead and dip your toe into something you’ve been curious about and see where it leads you. You have it in you!



Inspiration Kit

Interested in this topic and going within to discover your inner wisdom? Feel free to download our Inspiration Kit for some thought starters and tips from our speakers!

Strengthen Your Core’s
Wise Women Speakers

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About our Wise Women Speakers

Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton

Founder of Chillhouse and The Chill Times. Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton is an entrepreneur in the lifestyle, fashion and hospitality industries. Her accomplishments include: with her former award-winning website Taste The Style, partner of The Garret and Dinnertable in NYC, and most recently - Chillhouse and The Chill Times. Chillhouse is unique wellness café concept offering manicures and massages in the LES, and The Chill Times is the media arm of Chillhouse that covers beauty, health, fitness, and wellness topics. It is the destination for exploring self-care, with a no BS approach. Ramirez was recently honored with an award for “Best Lifestyle Blog” by Bloglovin’ for Taste the Style and has appeared in StyleCaster’s “50 Most Stylish New Yorkers,” Racked’s “Instagrammers to Follow,” VINCE's 2015 holiday campaign and more.

Visit her website

Sarah Levey

Co-Founder of Y7 Studio, 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and certified health coach. After 5 years living in NYC, Sarah traded in her job in fashion to devote her time to growing Y7 - a community of hip-hop, hot yoga loving advocates. Sarah, along with her husband and Co-Founder Mason, have successfully opened 10 studios to-date, bringing the sweat dripping, beat bumping, candlelit yoga experience from Brooklyn to Manhattan to Los Angeles. We also honored her for the community she has built with our Made of Moxxie Awards.

→ Visit her website

Sophia Roe

Wellness Empowerment Architect. Sophia Roe is a wildly passionate chef, wellness expert, empowerment architect, and beauty bandit whose candid videos and posts on health and mindfulness light up social media. She approaches wellness from a tolerant and holistic attitude. Her methods incorporate healthy lump sums of great nutrition and culinary information, beauty tips, and words of personal growth. She’s constantly encouraging her audience to be aware of and kind to themselves, and the world around them.You can see her work featured in Vogue, Elle Magazine, MyDomaine, Milk Makeup, Nike, Well + Good, DKNY, etc.We also honored her for the community she has built with our Made of Moxxie Awards.


→ Visit her website

Minna Lee

Personal trainer, nutrition coach, wellness lifestyle blogger behind Living Minnaly, and founder of Live 24k. A former competitive figure-skater, she tried the office life before reconnecting to her athletic roots and affirming her calling: coaching people to live fuller, healthier lives. This passion deepened after hip surgery and an autoimmune disease diagnosis at 24 years old, and she became determined to use her experiences to help others. You'll find Minna running around NYC, adopting too many plant babies, and trying not to steal other people's dogs.

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Liana Rosenman

Co-founder of Project HEAL, an organization that delivers prevention, treatment financing, and recovery support for people suffering from eating disorders. Liana met her co-founder Kristina while undergoing treatment for anorexia nervosa at just 13-years-old. The two girls helped each other to reach full recovery, and decided to help others achieve it as well. Project HEAL is now the largest nonprofit in the U.S. that raises funds for eating disorder treatment, with over 40 chapters throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. Liana is currently working as a 3rd grade NEST teacher at P.S. 19 in New York City and is earning her master’s degree in Special Education at Hunter College. Recently, Liana was cited by Forbes as one of 2017's "30 Under 30 - Social Entrepreneurs," for her work on Project HEAL.

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Melanie Travis

Founder and CEO of Andie, a global e-commerce brand disrupting the market for women's swimwear. Melanie established her career at some of New York City's most successful consumer technology companies: Foursquare, Kickstarter, and most recently Bark & Co. Melanie studied Comparative Literature at Haverford College and film directing at the California Institute of the Arts (MFA).

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