Sarah Levey
Co-founder of Y7

Sarah is the epitome of authenticity. Her dedication to her community can be seen in her everyday life and in the foundation of how she built Y7. She has a true talent for bringing people together.

Sarah Levey is the Co-Founder of Y7 Studio, 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and certified health coach. After 5 years living in NYC, Sarah traded in her job in fashion to devote her time to growing Y7. Sarah, along with her husband and Co-Founder Mason, have successfully opened 10 studios to-date, bringing the sweat dripping, beat bumping, candlelit yoga experience from Brooklyn to Manhattan to Los Angeles.


With Y7 and your IRL girl gang, you seem to place high priority on relationships and community. What does a supportive community mean to you?

Having a supportive community is everything. I want people around me who I can trust with my feelings and ideas no matter how weird, out there, or dramatic they may be. Having these relationships not only grounds me but enables me to grow.

Entrepreneurship and New York can both be lonely places. Have you ever experienced this? Any advice to give for someone in the thick of it?

All the time. My best advice is to get out of your own head. That looks different to everyone - for me it can be one of two things...getting lost in a book or grabbing a drink with friends.

Is there an attitude or a practice that you are currently trying to cultivate in your life?

I am constantly working on cultivating positivity. It’s so easy for me to go to a place of ‘this is wrong’, ‘this is not going the way I want it to’ or ‘I have too much going on’. Whenever I get stuck in this mindset, I try to take step back and look at everything I have from an outside perspective.