Shanna Tyler
Founder of Self Soul Sport
Jersey City, NJ

Shanna has courageous embraced and accepted herself for who she is- the good and the bad parts. She is teaching other women to do the same. It’s a hard thing to accept but with a little self-love and appreciation, Shanna teaches how to boldly move towards a better version of ourselves.

Shanna Tyler is a yoga teacher, lifestyle/fitness blogger on, and life coach for entrepreneurial women pursuing their passions. She is also the founder of Self Soul Sport, which is a community of women who share their stories of loving themselves and nurturing their souls at events and on the podcast.


What was your inspiration behind founding Self Soul Sport?

Me. I was inspired by my own experience of struggling with mental health and needing real life connections with other women. Self Soul Sport is a community where women share their stories of loving themselves, nurturing their souls, and living their sports. We do this at our monthly events, on our podcast, and on all our social media outlets!

What's a moment when you bravely faced a fear and pushed past it?

Being my own boss. Hands down. I had so many obstacles to push past, emotional, mental, and financial barriers, which I had set in my mind that told me I couldn’t be my own boss, but at the end of the day, I was ready! It just took that leap. Now I’m here!

Since founding Self Soul Sport, how has it impacted your definition and/or view of wellness?

It’s showed me the importance of community. Having the right people on your team is so important and impacts your wellness.