Tia Meyers
Founder of Freelancing Females
Carroll Gardens

Tia Meyers has created a supportive community of women that has each others back. She’s helping women succeed through, Freelancing Females -  a vibrant community powered by over 8,000 women of all backgrounds and experiences providing mentorship, support, and opportunities.


What inspired you to start Freelancing Females?

FF started almost as an accident but I quickly realized how much it was needed. After having freelanced for a while on my own, I started going on coffee dates and met some very special and inspiring freelance women. I learned how much we had in common. We all had the same questions, fears, and goals, but no one really had a place to talk about that SCARY but IMPORTANT stuff we should be talking about, like payment, how much to charge, what the hell to do with insurance and in general, just being able to support women in the workplace whether freelancing or full-time. That's how Freelancing Females came to be. Friends added friends and we are now at 8,000 women.

What are you hoping women can learn and take away from Freelance Females?

Freelancing and starting your own business is a large feat and providing them a safe place to ask questions, like what to charge, is the most important takeaway.

How has your community of badass women positively impacted and/or supported you?

I am able to meet some incredible women every day through the community. One of my favorite stories is of a woman in the group, Caitie McCabe, who started a non-profit campaign for Beautiful Me called ‘Self-Esteem Rising.’ I found out  just last week that every woman who is helping to volunteer on the campaign is from Freelancing Females. I’m overjoyed to see what an impact the community is making around important causes.